6 Coffee Gifts For Your Coffee Lover Friends

If you have a friend who loves coffee, then choosing a gift for them must not be that hard right? Actually, it is a little difficult since most coffee lovers already have most of the equipment needed to make coffee. So there are two ways to go with this now, you either ask them if they need anything, or you check out and consider one of the 5 great gift ideas that I will present to you in just a moment. These are all extremely original and will make the person you are gifting them extremely happy so stay tuned.

The 6 Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Mugs or Cups

This might sound pretty simple and obvious but you can’t drink coffee without a cup or a mug. On top of that buying, a mug or a set of cups won’t go to waste even if they already have one. As a matter of fact, I know that everyone develops a special connection with their cups, I included, also no one likes to drink coffee from a bad looking cup. Start searching for cups that will fit the personality or the preferences of the person you want to gift the mug. TV shows or movies are nice ideas, or something work-related, it can be an inside joke possibilities are endless.

Coffee Beans or Grounds

Last Christmas my cousin gifted me a bag of Black Ivory Coffee which I haven’t tried, and it was a nice gift I have to say. I was extremely impressed and couldn’t believe that it wasn’t my idea at first. It is nice to gift your coffee-loving friends a new bag of beans or grounds, that you may like or have heard about. I know that I always remember my cousin Jerry when I brew Black Ivory Coffee.

Espresso K-Cups

If your friend is a coffee lover, then they probably have a keurig laying around on their kitchen or office. That’s why, getting a pack of espresso k-cups as a gift to your friend can save them a lot of money and make them think of you when they drink coffee!


Gifting an Aeropress if they don’t already have one is one of the most interesting ideas, as it will allow the person to have a nice cup of espresso wherever they go, definitely one of the best in the market. Simple, affordable, easy to use, and ample fun in a single package.


Buying beans pre-ground is one thing, but grinding them freshly each and every time you make coffee takes the experience to a whole new level, definitely, a must-experience thing. For that reason you can buy your friend a new grinder, it can be a manual one, or you can buy a full electric ceramic grinder to enhance the experience.


In the end, I would suggest you buy your friend a nice new kettle that will heat the water properly, as you know there is no coffee without water, and a nice kettle will make things easier for your friend.

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